Which protein powders do you use in your shakes.

I have been seeing on television, and on the Internet, that they can make you gain weight, and not muscle weight, because of the sugar content.

Well I look at every label for myself, and also my husband with his diabetes, heart, and kidney diseases.


I have a protein shake most lunchtimes, and I use fat free/skimmed milk, as I have to have calcium for my bones.  I use half Anytime Protein, and half Collagen Peptides Hydrolyzed.

The reason being that the protein has 2 grams of sugar, and I only use half, so 1 gram.  The Peptides doesn’t even list it, and it is so bland, that I am sure there is no sugar in it.  One has 20 grams of protein, and the other has 13, so I get 16.5 grams.

I do add half a banana to it, which has natural sugar, and also a teaspoon of Spirulina powder that has no sugar.  I feel the healthiest I have ever felt.

What do you recommend after working out?


  1. I use the orgain organic protein powder because it is plant based. It doesn’t have any sugar in it, which I agree is good. I don’t really have a sweet tooth – the fudge flavored one is sweet enough for me. I use flax milk and will add a handful of flax seeds to it – I drink that as my lunch too! Fills me fine, but I do eat dinner around 4. Which works for everyone because the evenings we are always at some sports practice for the kids.

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