Is it just Florida where you have to fight for controlled substance medications?

My husband’s medication is due this weekend, and as he will need it, I asked if I could pick it up a day early.  No, Clonazepam is a controlled substance, so we have to wait.

Well next month we will be on vacation when it is due, so I will most certainly need it a few days early.  He only went on it a month ago, and you only get 30 days with no refills.  I don’t have any wiggle room, as with other meds, you can get up to a week early.

We now have to show a driver’s license to pick it up, and it gets typed into the pharmacies computer.  I know that they are trying to stop the illegal selling of these drugs, but it is really hard for seniors that rely on it.

I do a 7 day planner of my husband’s medications, had to leave that one out, and make myself a note to put it in when we get it.  How do people that take over 20 pills a day + insulin, like my husband, manage on their own.

Is this just Florida, or is it all states?



  1. I don’t know if it is for all states, but It’s Pennsylvania too. My husband has ADD and has to take Amphetamine Salts. He has the same restrictions when it comes to getting the pills. And I swear, I get “the look” when I am picking them up for him like he or I are abusing or selling the medication instead of him needing it for work.

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  2. This is sad. I just wish they would make a national bill which would state that if your going to travel, than bring proof of travel. That way at least you would have it for vacations

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  3. A few years back I had a doctor give me 9 months supply of mine instead of 3 months. I had to keep them but notified the doctor of her mistake. Times have changed.


  4. Yes, like always it is either the insurance company or the pharmacy. I wish there was a way I could help you. I hope that your insurance company allows it. Good luck 🍀

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