YT Reusable Gel Ice Pack & Wrap,Large Hot Cold Therapy for Hip, Shoulder, Back, Knee, Pain Relief for Injuries Swelling Aches Bruises Sprains 14″X13″ (Blue, X-Large)

As I am typing this review while using the YT Reusable Gel Ice Pack on my left hip.  Today I did Zumba toning, lifting weights on the upside down Bosu, and stretching.

I used to have cortisone shots for the Sciatica, but now find that using a massager, and icing the area leaves me with very little pain.  The gel pack is the biggest one I have seen, and is great for my hips/bum.  It stays in place with the Velcro straps.

If you watch the video that is embedded in this post, you will see how easy the iced gel pack bends, and shapes itself to the area that you need relief.  I have had it on my shoulder, and wrapped around my wrist/lower arm area.

Once you have bought it, you have it forever.  I personally think it is well worth the initial outlay for years of use.

This is the product description from the webpage:

‘Anatomic Fit + light weight design + compression fabric=superior hot/cold compression therapy. YT hot/cold wraps are specifically designed to drive the heat/cold deep into soft tissues.

Cold Therapy:

Place YT Hot/Cold Compression Wrap in freezer for min. 1 hour for optimal performance. If need colder performance, can freeze for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator. Please use the freezing temperature according to personal conditions. ***To keep better, place YT Hot/Cold Compression Wrap in bag while freezing or traveling***

Heat Therapy: 

Before heating make sure YT Hot/Cold Compression Wrap is at room temperature. Lay YT Compression Wrap flat alone with gel-side up (without pouch), use microwave heating for 15 seconds. Turn over and heat for an additional 15 seconds. ***Use Caution as gel pack may be hot. Wait one minute (60 seconds) before applying to body while massaging gel to disperse hot spots. The wrap should feel WARM to the touch, NOT HOT. If the product is not warm enough, heat in 10 second increments and rotate sides until desired temperature is reached. Do not overheat as too much heat can cause burns to the body.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

For full cleaning, wash by hand wash. Allow wrap to drip or air dry before Re-freezing.


If you suffer from a medical condition please consult with your physician before use. Do not use gel product over open wounds and sensitive skin. If at any time, soreness, rash or an increase in pain occurs, discontinue use. Use this product only for its intended purposes as described on the box. Do not use during pregnancy unless directed by a physician.This product is Latex Free,CE, MSDS Certified and FDA Approved.’

I did receive mine for free, and much prefer it to all the other icing products that I own.


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