What a day! Arsenal won, Spurs lost, and my husband’s gold chain went missing.

We got up, and watched the Cardiff City – Arsenal game, and my husband was ecstatic that Arsenal won 3 – 2.  Then up to the gym, so that I could catch half of my Zumba class.  There was noway we were going to miss any of that game.

Afterwards hubby watched the first half of the Burnley – Manchester United game in the lounge area, while I went on the rowing machine, and the upside down Bosu.

Yesterday I had been boxing while watching the Premier League football, but it was really hard, as my head was at such an angle to view the television.  The rowing machine was okay, but I was quite a bit away from the screen.  The best position iwas the Bosu, I placed it so I had an excellent view of the game.

We drove home, and immediately we got in, my husband said he had lost his $6,500 gold bracelet.  I immediately checked the car, and then drove back to the gym.  My husband was checking the house.  No luck at the gym.  I even went through the garbage.

Almost home, and a phone call from my husband to say that the employees at the gym had the bracelet.  So I drove up there for the 3rd time.  I asked who found it, and they didn’t tell me, just someone in the gym, and when I asked where, they said by the front desk.  I had combed that area myself, but didn’t query it.

I was so pleased to have it that I gave the 2 employees money for their lunch.  No matter who had it,

in the end my husband got it back, and that is all the matters.

Am I stressed, Yes, but very happy.


  1. Great game from Arsenal, but disappointed in Spurs. I hope Lloris returns soon. Also, I am glad that the bracelet was back in your hands safely.

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