Instant Pot cooked my pork joint in 67 minutes.

I went into Winn Dixie, and they had a 4 and a half pound port butt, down from $17 to $4 and change.  I thought that will be great for several days of meals.

I got the Instant Pot out, and added oil.  I had already rubbed Olive oil, and seasoning into the piece of pork.  I put the pot onto saute, and seared all the sides of the pork.  It stated in my book to pressure cook for 25 minutes for each pound of pork.  So I put it on for 67 minutes.  Don’t forget to add a cup of water to the pot, and the stand, before cooking.

It has to naturally release the pressure, so after 10 minutes it was ready.  The pictures are of the meat in the pot, after cooking.  The meat we had yesterday with our roast potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and OXO gravy.

We are having some today, pulled, with bar b q sauce.  I also plan on make a pork curry, and then the rest for a stew.

So the meat will cost just over a dollar, for a meal, not a plate.  What a bargain.  It was perfectly cooked, and tasted great.  My confidence is growing with each use of my Instant Pot




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