Medications keep us alive. How many are too many?

My husband has been a diabetic for almost  45 years.  Because of this he has chronic heart failure, stage 4 kidney failure, high blood pressure, which also means low blood pressure, high cholesterol, neuropathy of the feet, and so much more.

Recently he was diagnosed with panic attacks,  and has been put on 6 more pills a day.  This brings the total to over 20.  He also takes long acting insulin morning, and night.  Then the fast acting on a sliding scale, which is if needed at mealtimes.

All these medications are keeping him alive, but when I do his 7 day planner, I wonder just how many more can his system take?  I do realize that if this was 50 years ago he probably would had died, because of the diabetes, so am not complaining.  What are your thoughts on this subject?


  1. I agree 100% with the TeaandTales1 comment – a plant based lifestyle is the best. It is the most ethical, most sustainable and healthiest way of living. #plantsnotpills My husband and I are have been vegetarian (him 8 yrs/myself 20 yrs) and we are working on making the switch to a vegan plant-based lifestyle. These may help: || You can also find more resources on my health page:

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  2. Having been born just after the war in England, we lived on what my father grew. Therefore I cook 6-8 vegetables with a small amount of chicken, and a little potato. Len has had quintuple bypass surgery, stents until his heart wouldn’t take anymore surgeries, and now has a pacemaker/defibrillator. He has atrial fibrillation, and will be 85 in a month’s time. I am so lucky to still have him.

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  3. Two thirds of our dinner plate is vegetables. I grew up on everything Dad grew in the garden. Salad and fruit too. Unfortunately Len can’t have bananas and oranges because of the potassium. Also the high sugar content. I cook 6 days a week, because it is from scratch. I will certainly check out your links. Thank you.


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