Searik Clip on Battery Operated Fan, Portable Mini Desk Fan with USB Rechargeable 2600mAh Battery for Baby Stroller, Home, Office, Dorm, Library, Outdoor Activities

Living in Florida our summer can be almost all year around.  Therefore to save a little on air conditioning, I used fans when I am in the living room, office, and bedroom.  I tend to keep them in these rooms as they are big fans.

So when I received the Searik Clip on Fan, I figured what a great idea.  It is not too small, but big enough to really move the air, and cool me down.  It comes with a USB cable, and also a 2600 rechargeable battery.


When I first got it I used the USB cable, and charged up the battery, this way I knew I would be ready to use it.  At the back of the fan, just above the battery compartment is the wheel, where you switch it on, and change the speed.  The wheel is so much better than low, medium, high, because as you move it you can get the exact speed you want.  As it has 360 degree Vertical and Horizontal Rotation it means you can get it in the exact position you need.

I have clipped it on my desk in the office, even on my laptop, and yes it doesn’t slide down.

Being portable, you can even take it outside, and clip it onto whatever you want to.  It will also stand, if you want it on a garden table.  There are so many uses for it.

A little from the Amazon website:

* Gear Adjustment: Stepless speed adjustment
* Battery Capacity: 2600mAh
* Battery Type: Li-ion 18650 battery
* Working Hours: About 2 ~ 6.5 hours ( Depends on speed )
* Charging Time: About 2 hours
* Wind Power at 1M: >2.5m/s
* Effective Distance: 2M
* Power Supply: USB or Lithium Battery’

I wish I had received it a few months ago, but right now our temperature is 94 degrees, with a heat index of over 100.

I was lucky enough to receive this fan for free, and have found it to be indispensable.



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