Delling 10 Oz Ultra-Durable Porcelain Bowls, Non-Slip Ceramic Bowl Set with Microwave and Dishwasher Safe for Dessert, Soup, Ice Cream, Fruits, Snack, Rice – Set of 6, White

Do you like pretty bowls that can last up to ten years?  If so, check out the Delling 10 ounce Porcelain Bowls.

They came so safely wrapped.  Firstly in a tight fitting box, then foam wrapped around them, and then in the weave material protector.  They are just gorgeous, and heavy, which tells me they are a quality product.  They are a ‘STRONG QUALITY – Three layers of advanced ceramic materials can strengthen the defensive capabilities of the ceramic bowl and can be used with confidence.

You can use them in the microwave, and are dishwasher safe too.

Now we should be eating smaller portions, and we do in our household, the 10 ounce size is perfect for cereal, dessert, a portion of fruit, or anything that you want a small amount of.

There are several to choose from on the Amazon web page, and it is really hard to decide which ones to buy.  I know many of my girlfriends at the gym would be extremely happy with these.  You really cannot overeat when using them.

From the website: ‘Reliable Safety – Healthy porcelain bowls has US FDA non-toxic safety certification. Reassuring safety.’  There is also a 10% discount on this page if you are wishing to buy them.

I really love them, and the fact that I received mine for free, didn’t influence me in anyway.


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