Twisted my knee too much when dancing last night.

I had planned to finish dancing after an hour last night, as I had already stretched, did an hour of Zumba, and boxing with my trainer.  However, great music was being played by the band, and all my girlfriends were dancing.

I did a couple more, and my knee had so much pain, and I could barely put the weight on that leg.  Time to go home, even though everyone on our table said ‘Why are you leaving at 8 p.m.’  They stay to the end.

I told my husband that my knee was so painful, so I put it up, and iced it.  We went to bed at 10, really early for us, and also because our Internet and phone were out.

My husband was coughing all night, and with the pain of my knee, I barely slept, so this morning I phoned my G.P’s office, and asked for an emergency appointment.

The call back was to keep my leg up as much as possible, ice it, which I have been doing, and take Ibuprofen.  If I am still in pain, and the swelling hasn’t gone down by Monday, then I am to go into the office.

So Zumba toning today, Zumba and boxing tomorrow, and Sunday Zumba are out.  I will do some upper body lifting but that is all.

I already have the knee brace in the photo above, which I can use when going out.

I am hoping it is overuse, but have just read the 7 reasons why dancers have knee injuries.  All could be applicable to me.  Fingers crossed this works for me, because I find it hard to keep still.

Came to the gym and found a way to do arms with my leg elevated.


  1. I am not quite as young as you…only 67. A year ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips. I have been a long distance backpacker, rock climber, and speed walker all my life. This is such a loss. I still work 8 hours per day and am active with my family, going to football games and plays a couple of times per month, but I am in mourning over the loss of self. Have you ever gone through this? If so, how did you deal with it?


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