The UEFA Nations League is going on right now, but trying to watch it was almost impossible.

Being English I love all the big Championship games.  A few days ago the UEFA Nations League started.  We were so excited because England, Wales, Ireland, and many of my favorite European teams are playing.

Then we found out it was on ESPN+, and that is a pay per month channel.  My husband said $25 a month.  As we have Spectrum Internet, I have the free app.  I pulled up the menu, and found out that you can stream them for free, on this app.

So my husband is watching Bulgaria and Norway on his phone, and I am watching it on mine.  Bulgaria are winning 1 – 0 in the 65th minute.

Yesterday we actually got the England game on the television.  It was on 5 different stations, but all in Spanish.  Luckily we know all the players, so not understanding the commentary didn’t matter.  England played like amateurs.

I am hoping the rest of the matches are in English, and I can get them on my phone.  I just wish thatAmericans loved football (soccer), so that we can see these important matches.  I know it’s not worth ESPN right now, as the advertisers would be unhappy with the amount of viewers.

The photo is very blurred, because I couldn’t take a screenshot of a live match, so took a photo of my husband’s phone.



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