Still waiting on the doctor’s office.

So Friday I wrote about my right knee giving out on Thursday evening, when I was dancing.  I had called the doctor’s office, and was told to keep it elevated, iced, and take Ibuprofen.  Phone on Monday is still swollen, and hurting.

I phoned as soon as they opened this morning, to say that I really think I need an X-ray, and to see the P.A.

After 86 hours of mainly having my leg up, I just want to get this sorted out.  Do I have a torn meniscus, over used my knee, or arthritis.  These seem to be the most prevalent causes of it.  Once I know than I will work my life, the gym, dancing, and everything else around it.  I so want it to heal.

Yes, the swelling has been going down, and the pain is less intense, but it’s still not right.  It’s 11.30, and I am hoping for a phone call at lunchtime, so that I can get the X-ray and the P.A. taken care of this afternoon.

Sorry for the moaning, but I am so active, that this is really starting to frustrate me.

Twisted my knee too much when dancing last night.


  1. Ouch, and I can see why this must be so frustrating for you. I hope you get some answers soon so it can be treated accordingly and give it the best shot to heal quickly. Sending hugs and keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

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  2. I have the same issue with my knee have been reading some articles on and it mentioned the RICE method as crucial. What do you think about the RICE method? Did it work for you?

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  3. Yes, it’s 11 days now, and I am on the recliner with my knee elevated, and being iced. 3 out of 4. Then when I have to walk I use a compression sleeve. The swelling has gone down over 1 and a half inches now. Improving every day but taking much longer than I thought it would.


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