Nut Cravings California Raw Walnuts, Raw Hazelnuts/Filberts, or Mixed Nuts.

Over the past month, I decided to buy the sampler packets, of Nut Cravings,  I started with the Raw Walnuts, which are 100% All Natural Shelled Halves and Pieces.  You get 4 ounces in these packets.

I have to say how fresh they are, and so much better than the cans, or packets I get in local stores.  They come in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Pound Bulk Supply.  My next order will be the 2 lb. size.

Then it was the hazelnuts, again one of my favorite nuts.  Finally the Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts, which I am about to start.

I only have a few with cottage cheese, and seedless grapes, for my dessert each evening.  The sweetness of the grapes, the creamy cheese, and the crunch of the nuts, if one of my favorite healthy puddings.

The retail are $4 each, and sometimes they are available for $2.  I check on a regular basis for the discounted price.  What’s your ideal snack/dessert?


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