What do I do with so many pictures?

A year or more ago I had an Amazon seller ask me if I would accept paintings that were being returned.  If they went back to Amazon they pay the cost of the postage, and then storage fees on them, as Amazon will not allow them to be resold.

None of them are damaged, and could easily be resold.

I was thinking about asking our board of directors, where we live, or the social club, if we could sell them so that our community could make a little money.

I did ask a couple of charities, and they aren’t interested in the quantity I have.  My friends have had their choices of them.  The seller said to do whatever I wanted with them.

I do someone a favor, and now my second bedroom/office has become a warehouse.  I have no idea why people would want to send back these canvas prints.

Anyone else have any suggestions?


  1. Sounds like an art sale or garage sale. What are the prints of people, landscapes? Maybe donate to a homeless shelter to help brighten up the space. Sounds like doing the favor may be more work, but maybe it’s a chance to spread more kindness than you already spread. 😊

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  2. Goodness! Third suggestion: someone from your church has a yard sale and a trailer to haul the artwork. Fourth suggestion: online auction like e-Bay. I think I’m out of ideas now. 😢

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  3. That’s a lot of paintings. If you knew of someone having an auction or fundraiser to help a needy family to raise money for medical expenses it would be great.

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