Keto 22 Ketosis Test Strips – 100 Ketone Strips – Accurate Ketone Test Strips – Monitor and Maintain a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet with Keto Test Strips. Lose Weight Feel Great – Keto Strips

At age 70 I tend to eat a balanced diet, with extra protein, and less sugar and carbs.  However, my trainer not only trains us with exercise, but has the majority of clients on the Keto diet.

That is why I wanted to get the Keto 22 Ketosis Test Strips for him.  These are cheaper than the ones he uses, even when paying full price.  I know he will be delighted with this little gift when I see him later this afternoon.  Unfortunately I will not be doing boxing, but planning on an upper body workout.


So this morning just stretching at the gym.  Tonight just slow dances with my husband.  No dancing with the girls.  Right now my right knee is still iced, and elevated.

I did receive these test strips at a discounted price.  They retail at $7.99, and right now have a 25% off coupon on  Don’t delay in buying yours.



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