English food items for me.

My girlfriend has just come back from visiting family in England, and brought me back some goodies.

I had asked for Cadbury Boost bars.  She brought me back 2, and I have already eaten one.  These aren’t in stores, but can get them online.  I won’t, because of living in Florida, and parcels being left at my front door in the sunshine.

I have a slice of Christmas cake.  That is a rich dark fruit cake, with marzipan, and topped with Royal icing.  I have frozen it for Christmas.  Also an individual Christmas pudding, that has a year and a half


sell by date, so that went in the cupboard, again for Christmas day.  I will make custard to go with it.

Publix supermarket do have a small selection of English food items, and our local one very little.  When I go to Treasure Island, that one was more, as it is in a tourist area.

I wonder how long it will be before I eat that second boost bar?  Anyone want to guess?




  1. That’s nice you were able to get some English food items! I imagine the 2nd bar will be gone before the end of the this week.
    The supermarkets here also don’t sell a lot of English food, but at Normal they import a lot of English goods like makeup, skin care & food so I like shopping there every now & then 😊

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