Can’t forget upper body workouts while at the beach.

I managed 2 walks on the beach on Saturday, and Sunday, but haven’t done any lifting since last Thursday.

So off to the gym after an early morning walk.  I used 8 machines, and also free weights.  That felt so good.

When I was getting ready to leave, I threw my towel in the basket, had a drink of water, and saw an opening to a room I had never been in.  It had a boxing bag.

When I first went to this gym, they didn’t have one, when I asked, so hadn’t thought anymore about it.  Of course I didn’t bring my gloves with me, but there was a pair next to the bag.  I had to have a quick 5 minutes of boxing before I came back.  Made my day.

When we come down next month, my boxing gear will be coming with me.

Strength training, Zumba, boxing, and table tennis today.

Another great boxing workout today.



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