Anxiety, but kept my cool. Phew…

This morning we walked up to the timeshare that we are both on the board, and sat in on the owner’s breakfast.  It was very nice.

Then I walked the beach for half an hour, as my husband wanted to go to the Mall.  It is much cooler for him to walk there.

I drove us to within a mile of the Mall, and we both could hear a thud, thud, coming from the back of the car.  I pulled into a Burger King lot opposite the Mall.  We took a look at the tires, and all looked fine.

I suggested we have a snack there, in case I had to drive to the nearest Hondo location.  Neither of us ate much, and my anxiety was starting to rise.  It’s an area that I don’t know, so feeling apprehensive, and also my husband was concerned that I would be driving it without knowing the problem.

We came out, and I drove it backwards, and forwards.  We checked the tires.  My husband suggested driving it over a curb to see if anything dislodged.  We still heard the noise.  I then kept driving it, parking, reversing, driving, etc.

When I pulled up, and got out, a long piece of thick black tape was hanging from a rod behind the wheel.  I pulled it, and it unraveled more.  We were praying that this was the cause.

I drove down the road passed the Mall, and the noise had stopped, so did a U turn, and went into the Mall.  We did a little walking, and I got a Starbucks coffee, and decided to come back to the timeshare.

I won’t be driving it much here at the beach, and a careful drive home on Friday.  I will take it to our local Honda dealership, as we only bought it 3 months ago, and I want to be 100% sure it is safe.

Finally calmed down.


  1. Be safe going home! One of the many reasons I miss my dad is that I could call him, describe the noise my car was making, and he would be able to almost instantly diagnose the problem. He learned auto mechanics in the army during WWII and he was the best mechanic I ever knew. I miss him so much!

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  2. That is a tough one. I hope it is solved now and you will be able to drive home without problems. Once I kept hearing this odd noise like something rolling underneath the car. I took it to the dealer and they checked everything out. Nothing could be found.But they could hear the noise. I learned to live with it. About a year later I got the car detailed and what turned up ….a chubby yellow kids’ crayon that had been rolling back and forth under the drivers seat. My kids were little at the time and must have dropped that one crayon. HaHa!

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