Lovely vacation day today. Great beach, good food, and boxing.

After yesterday’s nightmare with the car, today has really been a lovely day.

We got up without an alarm clock, which I love.  The front office provides free coffee in the mornings.  So had cereal, and coffee.

I then got to walk in the waters edge, and the weather was just perfect.  I then came up, got showered, changed, and then picked my husband up from the timeshare where we are on the board.  He had been hanging out there.

We then went down to the Frog Pond, which is one of our favorite breakfast/lunch restaurants, and both order an omelette.  I had the salmon, and Len the ham, and cheese.  They have real homemade strawberry jam, so I layered that on my dry wheat toast.

Came back, and spent some time in the apartment, and then drove down to the gym for boxing.  Just loved it.  Back here, and another walk on the beach.

Time for some more omelette now.


The first photos are of the omlettes, the side ones are how much we brought home.


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