Tourists come to the beach. We need you.

I have seen some birds down by the water’s edge, but certainly not as many as usual, until today.  There were over 400 birds in one little area, where I was walking.  They would not be around if the red tide was in our area.

Also children were swimming in the water, people sitting on loungers with their feet, and some most of them in the water.

People were collecting shells, so really back to normal.

The only thing that isn’t, are the people.  They are staying away.  This hurts the hotels, the guys that work the beach with chairs, and umbrellas, restaurants, and the list goes on.  On the news they are saying that employees of restaurants are looking for second jobs, as their hours are being cut, and they can’t pay their bills.

I can’t speak

for the other beaches, but Treasure Island beach is pristine again.  Please come down, and enjoy our lovely beach.


  1. Adding Treasure Island Beach to my list of places to visit in FL. Have a lovely weekend; rain all day here in Houston. LauriePOP Ideas That POP

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