No dancing tonight!

I had written in my previous post, what our plans were for today, and all went really well.  We learned a lot of information at the seminar concerning the law, with regard to various boards.  The food, and company were excellent.

I phoned ahead, and our bangers and mash were ready to be picked up at the Irish pub.

The drive was really good, and I enjoyed going north on Gulf Drive, instead of the busier streets.

We got home, and our new smart television would only work on Prime, or Britbox, ones we pay independently from our cable company.  We weren’t able to get into any of the regular television channels.

So my husband phoned Spectrum, who in turn put us onto the television company.  The call was cut off, so I phoned them back, and they went through everything, and drew a blank.  My husband got back onto Spectrum, and it was now 6.45 p.m.

We hadn’t eaten tea, as we call it, and the dancing was already going on.  I had only unpacked the fridge, and freezer food.

We do have a technician coming out on Sunday evening, and hoping they can fix it.

So no WIFI at the timeshare, and no television when we got home.

Good job we have lots to keep us occupied.  I need to catch up on reviews over the next few days.

Good night everyone from stormy Florida.

The photo is of Treasure Island this week just before the storm hit.


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