iCrius Dimmable 4 Level Brightness Hand Free, USB Battery Powered Rechargeable Reading Lamp with Clip on for Kindle, Books, iPad, Bed, Kids and More.

This is the neatest book/laptop etc., light I have ever seen.  It is the size of a book mark, and is the iCruis Dimmable 4 Level Brightness Reading Lamp on the top.  The clip is near the bottom on the front.

You can clip it onto many items where you need light, and it stays in place.  The on/off switch is near the top, on the right, and continue to click it, until you get the desired light.  You can bend

it forwards, and backwards to get the angle you want.  It has a battery included, and when you pull out the middle piece of the stand, it has a USB end .  It can be charged by a power bank, laptop, or in a port.

I can’t believe how good it is, and how easy it is to use.  These are going to be stocking stuffers for Christmas at only $9.99.

I sometimes add a little from the Amazon web page, but there is so much information about it, that I am putting it all here, for you to read:

  • ‘EYE-FRIENDLY: The LED panel will last over 50,000 hrs (no splash screen, not dazzling, take good care of your eyes).Natural, flicker-free lighting, free from glare, producing little heat, doesn’t emit UV, free from eye-damaging, and fully adjustable; all to help reduce eye strain while reading, working or studying, protecting eyesight of all users (students, office workers, the elderly, etc.).
  • ★4 LEVELS BRIGHTNESS: iCrius reading light consists of Special LED panel, button control operation with 4 different levels of brightness to suit your activities by slide on the touch control, good for book reading, study, drawing, and other various occasions. Working time: 12h (100% brightness), 14h (75% brightness), 16h (50% brightness), 18h (25% brightness).Now you can read as long as you like.
  • ★360 DEGREES ADJUSTABLE,ULTRA PORTABLE,LIGHTWEIGHT,MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Only 1.95 oz, Small in size,could be convenient to carry or put on the bedside.Less than two Ounces, its weigh is equivalent to a tablespoon. Soft plastic bracket. 360°Completely flexible body for adjusting the angle, the bendy arm makes it pretty easy to adjust to your liking.The reading lamp could be used as a bookmarks so it’s convenient to continue on with your reading journey next time.
  • ★RECHARGEABLE AND STURDY.With rechargeable battery,it is more economical and environmentally friendly.About 30 minutes charge in full and will last for long time. When charging,the red light will on, and the red light turn off when full charge. Automatically stop charging protect the battery.The reading light can be rechargeable by just plug into the power bank or laptop without an addition cable. Never worry about where is the cable when you want recharge it.
  • ★WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: This LED reading lamp will serve you well for multiple uses, such as reading books (night time reading), clip on headboard, shelves, cupboards, computers, laptops, desktops, pianos, music stands, etc. We provide 100% Money Back and TWO YEAR Guarantee.Any Problems pls contact us first,we will provide satisfied solution to you!Email: support@icrius.net. Please feel free to try it!’

I got mine at a discounted price, but think that anyone using a laptop in a dark area, reading a book, or kindle, would get a great deal of use out of it.  It will also help to protect your eyes.




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