Spectrum have great technicians, but lousy customer service.

I wrote in a blog post a couple of days ago, that when we got back from vacation, our smart television was working on the separately paid programmes, such as Amazon Prime, and Britbox, but not on regular television stations.

After phoning Spectrum, and the customer service checking our box via their end, we were told it was the television.  They transferred us to TCL  and after a long conversation, cut us off.  I phoned back, and they said that it was impossible to say whether it was the cable company, or the new smart television.

My husband phoned Spectrum back, and again it took forever for him to finally get an appointment for a tech to come out.

This happened Sunday evening just before 6 p.m.  It was one that had been out to us before, and he brought a new box in, and checked to see if the box had gone bad.  It only took minutes for him to see it had.  He replaced the box in no time at all, but then was holding for someone to connect it up, for a really long time.

So we had been worrying about getting the large television off the wall, and packaged up, for 2 days.  We had to get someone to install it for us, and were wishing that we had it on a stand.

I hate Spectrum customer service, as they pretty much say anything to get you off the line, or pass you onto someone else.  Why did Bright House let the big guns take them over?  We miss them so much.


  1. I had a similar situation over the summer. It had taken multiple calls and two field visits to get it straight. They’ve been doing this a long time, so you would think that they’d be much more efficient at it.


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