Bright Mini LED Tactical Flashlight – EcoGear FX E300, 300 Lumen Max Output. Everyone should have one.

We have lots of flashlights/torches as we call them, but you can never have too many, living in Florida where power outages are common.

The EcoGear FX E300 Mini LED Tactical Flashlight is a very handy one.  The size is small. but the light is big.  You can have it on 3 light modes, low, high, and strobe.  You can also pull the front forward to zoom in on something.

It has a sturdy clip, so it can go on a belt, waist bag, fanny pack, purse, handbag, backpack, etc.  You can also drop it in a pocket, or very useful for the car.


It doesn’t come with a battery, but all you need is one AA battery, or one 14500 rechargeable battery.

From the Amazon web page: ‘ULTRA BRIGHT – Excellent light spread to easily illuminate an entire room or use the zoom feature to focus in on objects up to 500 feet away. Delivers ultra-bright light that is up to 10 times brighter than old incandescent flashlights.

#Constructed of durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a hardened anodized finish. Offering a professional grade construction that is small, lightweight, durable and withstands the harsh outdoor elements such as rain and snow.’

The price is $7.99, and a pack of 3 are only $14.99.  It the kids don’t know what to get Dad for Christmas, this would be a perfect gift.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, but genuinely free the for the excellent quality, it is a bargain.



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