Being poor, and pushing through it, can make you feel great about yourself.

This is just my personal opinion, and you know how I love to give my opinion on products, so thought I would share how I feel.

As a youngster, I never felt good about myself.  We were extremely poor, although my mother was always able to put food on the table, and dress us in second hand clothes.  My best friend at school looked down on me.  She lived in a posh house, and had everything.  I remember her saying once, that although my family were poor, my mother put on a nice spread.

So I left school at 15, and worked my way up the ladder, to become secretary to the Managing Director of the company.

55 years later, that stays with me, and I am a much better person for having a difficult start in life, and proving myself capable of anything I put my mind too.

I love myself, and my life, because I chose to be the person I am.  Know who you were, what you are now, and what you want to be.  I did, and I am so proud of the person I finally turned into.  In my wildest dreams I never thought, that I would look the way I do, and help others through volunteering at the gym.

My love is boxing, but whatever yours is, find time to do it.  It will make you love yourself even more.

In earlier posts you can read about the years in between,  some good, some bad, but I choose to look at the bright side.  You always come out on top.


  1. My early life was similar as in little money. However, in my opinion poor is a state of mind. We were broke plenty, but always had hope of better days. Poor means giving up hope in my experience as an inner city kid.

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