Glorytec 110 Landscape Stakes, 6 Inch 11 Gauge Steel Landscape Staples – Price-Performance Winner 2018- U-Shaped Invisible Fence Yard Stake Landscaping Pins, Carbon Steel Non-Galvanized

I really wanted the Glorytec Landscape Stakes for 2 reasons.  Firstly to help keep my outside lights/decorations in place.  I have lights all year, but with Halloween, and Christmas, I want to anchor them down.

Secondly, we have a wire fence that separates us from a busy road, at the back of us, and people throw their garbage down.  Over the years the bottom of the fence doesn’t come completely down to the ground, so these stakes again will help me to keep them in place.  It will also make it look much nicer.

This is what Glorytec have to say about their product:

  •  ‘BETTER HOLD: Thanks to the trapezoidal shape and the resulting build-up tension the ground anchor’s hold in the ground remains sturdy and solid so that weed fabrics stay wherever you would like to have them
  • ✅ TOP QUALITY & MOST DURABLE: with 0,11″ diameter, 6″ length and 1″ width they just don’t provide perfect hold they are most sturdy as well – resilient carbon steel guarantees a steady, simple and smooth handling as well as a durability
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSES: Our landscape staples can be used as invisible fence stakes for dog fences, landscape fabric, weed barriers, as decor for flower gardens, sod, erosion control fabrics and many many more possible uses.’

I did receive mine for free, but as you can see, these are ultra strong, and have so many uses.

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