Spectrum are going 100% digital.

We had seen advertisements on television about our cable company going digital.  This concerned me as we have 3 televisions.  I knew that each one would need a box, and they charge for them on a monthly basis, on your bill.

We got the notice that we needed digital boxes for each television by October 16th.  They would supply us with 1 digital box for the duration of our contract.  We already have one, so we went online and ordered another one for our bedroom.  We rarely use the smaller television in the second bedroom/office, so decided just to leave it there, knowing we can’t use it without a monthly payment now.

Our box came within days, and between us we were able to get it set up.  It did state that if you couldn’t manage it, they would send a technician out to install it.

Now we have to wait for the 16th for the transition to take place.  We pay for our standard + service through our H.O.A., so am not sure how much it will cost us, once the contract expires.  I really can’t see them paying for it, and if they did, then our monthly maintenance fee would go up accordingly.

Is this just a big companies wanting more money from us?  What happens to the people that only had analog television, and can’t afford to pay a monthly fee for a box.  We live in a time, when big businesses don’t give us choices, anymore.




  1. We had to change to digital a couple of years ago. We did similar to what you described and had to order additional set-ups for other TVs. I had analog in my garage but didn’t have it installed with digital. I still may do that one of these days. It’s a better signal for sure but the old stuff won’t work anymore. Those who choose to keep their analog should still be able to use them with a stand-alone antennae.

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  2. New technology is more expensive. I’ve chosen to cut the cord 5 years ago. I have internet only from Spectrum and have Netflix and CBS ALL Access. Total is $70/month. I use indoor wall antenna for local channels at no cost, after initial purchase. I can and and cancel others like Hulu as I choose. That’s the best part. I also have Amazon Prime for shipping mostly. Bonus is Amazon Prime Video. It’s half the cost because my son is in college and he opened the account.

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