Hurricane Michael is heading to the Panhandle of Florida.

I know how these people are feeling right now.  It was just over a year ago we had to evacuate to a school, to be safe from Hurricane Irma.

Looking at the projected path, we here in the Tampa area will just have the storm surge, stronger winds, and rain.  We see many residents of Panama City, and surrounding areas going north.  I don’t know whether there is time, but they could also drive south/southeast, to avoid the worst of the hurricane.  They will be getting a ‘monstrous hurricane’ that could cause major destruction.  Properties can be rebuilt, but lives can’t.

We are so thankful, but praying for everyone that is in it’s line, for a direct hit.



  1. I will never forget Irma and a week without power, terrible. We had chosen to stay put as we are far outside an evacuation area and actually next to a shelter ( a school ). We also had been in our home a month and were not leaving. We didnt have any home damage. We were lucky it could have been worse. I know how stressed everyone is bracing for the hit. Sheer panic. I know in Tarpon Springs the Sponge Docks closed a portion for some road flooding, and parts of clearwater beach are already seeing water on the roads. I know you maybe are already seeing it where you live near the beach. I cant imagine whats ahead as it makes its landfall when its already stirring up some extra water around here. Sending prayers up for all!

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  2. I remember going through hurricanes Charlie and Wilma when I lived in Florida. We were out of power for 10 days for each one and in that Florida heat and humidity it was pure torture. I’ve seen time and time again how underestimating these storms can lead to more damage and loss of possessions and even lives. I have hope that one day soon we’ll be free of the threat of these types of storms (Revelation 21:3,4).

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