Slow Internet has been driving me crazy.

Where we live everyone has been calling out Spectrum for their lousy service, and speed.  They told me that my fairly new HP Notebook, that I bought from Amazon would only give me up to 50 Mbps, and we are paying for 100.

20181012_144916 (1)

So I went to Best Buy to possibly buy another laptop.  The guy who helped us, said that Amazon often have older models, and that can happen.  All the laptops they sell are for 100 Mbps.  I was frustrated about this, but said I suppose it’s a new one.

He said that he had a product that could fix it for me.  He handed me the ASUS – Dual-Band AC USB Network adapter – Black.  The price was $32.99 + sales tax.  I brought it home, and followed the easy instructions, and it works.

I was getting around 38 to 40 before using it, and today the speed is 75 Mbps.  Still not the 100, but Spectrum say ‘up to 100’.

I am getting less circling, pages are loading faster, and I am very happy with this product.

I will certainly check Best Buy before I buy any technology products in the future.


  1. Also, make sure your router and or modem is not by any other electrical equipment. Move away from the TV as much as you can. Don’t run any fans or AC next to them. Any electrical interference can make a difference.

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