No anxiety or panic attack this morning.

I am so proud of myself. For the first time ever, no shaking, lightheadedness, or passing out when I had blood drawn.

Years ago they would pick me up off the floor. Today I was totally in control of my mind, and body.

I have had to be strong to take care of my husband’s chronic diseases, and it has taken away most of the worrying about me.

After having had anxiety and panic disorder all my life, I can honestly say that it does get better.


  1. One of my son’s friends had hypnotherapy for blood draws. She is one year into brain cancer treatment (Glioblastoma) and her parents had to hold her down for blood draws. Sometimes they would be at the hospital for hours. Finally the hospital said no, you cannot do that (hold her down) because she is 18 and technically she is refusing treatment. So they enlisted a family member who does hypnotherapy and it worked!

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  2. I sympathize…I always want to pass out at sight of needles, especially blood drawing ones! My doctor is patient. It does help if you lie down when they draw the blood rather than sitting up.

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  3. We seem to be strong when we must. Caring for your husband may have forced you to focus on that and develop the strength necessary to cope. I am 78 and still coping and it works. It does help others to see us function and survive. You have done an amazing job.

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