Gshine LED Lantern with Magnetic Base, 30 LEDs COB Technology Water Resistant Collapsible 500lm, for camping and more.

I love this kind of Camping Lantern as both my husband and I have one next to us, during Hurricane season.  The Gshine come in a 2 pack, and are reasonable priced at $17.99.

You do have to put 3 AA batteries in the base of each lantern.  Then you just pull up the 2 handles, and you have a brilliant 30 LED light.  I prefer it to a flashlight, as I can put the handles on my wrist, and use both hands, while doing something.

It has a magnetic bottom, so it can be stood on something, turned upside down, or on a metal strip.

A little from the Amazon website: ‘

Gshine Camping LED Lantern features the LATEST LED TECHNOLOGY in the form of three COB strips which designed for a longer lifespan and carry 360° of luminous light while saving energy.

This Lantern have Brightness up to 500 lumens, enough to light a tent, caravan, boat, garage, a room or shed with ease. Also perfect for keeping round the house for use during power outages as emergency lights, Christmas and night time events.

Power Outages
Auto Maintenance
Highway Emergencies
Outdoor Activities
Other Night Events.’

I did receive mine for free, but was not required to write any kind of review of it.  I just wanted to, as I am so happy with these 2 lanterns.




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