All you can eat shrimp. My husband’s once a year treat at Red Lobster.

The quality, and quantity of food at Red Lobster used to be amazing years ago.  I can remember their side salads having numerous amounts of items in them, including egg.  Now it is lettuce, tomatoes, the thinnest slice of onion, and croutons. Well we don’t go there for the salad.  However, the cheese biscuits are to die for.

So today it was the all you can eat shrimp.  You can see my first plate, but after 1 fried shrimp, I took another with a hair hanging from it.  I ate the shrimp scampi, and had my fried shrimp redone.  I had one more portion of shrimp linguini, which I couldn’t finish.  It doesn’t pay to take me to an all you place, as I am such a small eater.  I brought my baked potato, half the linguini, and my cheese biscuits home.

Hubby had his first plate, followed by the shrimp linguini, and a second shrimp scampi.  When I told our friends I had around 40 shrimp, and Len 50, they said that they eat around 100 a person.

It was good, the G.M. did come over to our table to apologize for the hair.  She took 20% of the meal, which paid for the tip.

I personally don’t think it is worth me going to an all you can eat place, but I know that it is what many people love to do.20181029_122818


  1. Nice. Can you choose other seafood other than shrimp? I never been to Red Lobster, but it sound good:) I for one do not like all you can eat buffet. The reason is. … I could not restrain myself and ended up I over eat and get sick for a couple days:)

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