Which table would you choose to eat from?


I have to apologize, as I took this photo after most had eaten.

Yesterday was a lovely day at our local gym.  They put on a Halloween party for us.  I still did my basic boxing lesson, for any ladies that want to learn, before joining in the fun.

We were given tickets for door prizes, they had a best costume contest, lots of food, and non alcoholic drinks.

I couldn’t believe how much cake, cookies, donuts, donut holes, and other sweet items were there.

I personally took my food from the other table.  One ham and cheese roll, removing the bread, 2 mini quiches, and a plate of seedless grapes.  However, I did take a slice of cake, from the middle of the cake (less icing), for later in the day.  You just have to have one treat, but not before completely all my working out, for the day.

So who was really good, and who was really bad yesterday?


  1. I pretty well have to always stay on the healthier side. I ate lots of junk food many years ago…..now if I eat any sweets or junk food it causes me great pain, so I stay away. For anyone out there who might be in a lot of pain, take note of the foods you’re eating…..it works for me!!

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