Bangers and Mash, or Fish and Chips?

20181023_124048 (1)Len’s daughter, and her husband are still here, staying with her Aunt.  We had suggested Peggy O’s in Palm Harbor, for lunch.  After checking the website, they decided to go today as it was B.O.G.O.F on fish and chips.

I have written before about how good their bangers and mash are, and when his daughter said that we were all having fish and chips, I told her that there is no way I am coming here, and not having my favorite.  I have never had the fish there.

Len and I ordered our bangers, and the other 3 the fish.  The fish did look good, but his daughter, and her aunt tried the bangers, mash, and onion gravy, and were blown away by it.

There was so much that we ate half, and you can see how much we both brought home for tomorrow.  Peggy O’s now has a new customer, as Len ex. sister in law will be going, and taking her friends.

Which would you prefer?


  1. Tough one. i think that fish and chips is a situation where it can be great or not so good. I have a particular restaurant where we live and they just do fish and chips and nothing else. the fish and chips are delicious. So that is the place we go to for that. I also love bangers and mash and will order that rather than fish and chips if I don;t know the restaurant so well.

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