Happy Birthday Balloons, YMS Happy Birthday Banner Auto Sealing 3D Foil Letters Balloons (16inch) + 4pc Pentagram Balloons + 4pc Heart-shaped Balloons for Party Decoration Surprise Reusable (Gold)

Having had a birthday in the family yesterday, I thought how nice these balloons would be for the occasion.  However, after blowing up the 8 pentagram and heart shaped balloons, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get the Happy Birthday ones in the car to take them to our destination.

You can see how pretty the balloons are, and they are so simple to blow up.  They come with 2 straws, and you push the straw into the opening, and blow into it.  It comes with string/thread too.


Len’s daughter loved the 4 we took, and I still have the other 4, and the big letters here.  They will be for a birthday here, or where I can go before the party, and set them up.

They are reusable, and so bright and shiny.

From the Amazon webpage:

‘AMAZING QUALITY : Happy birthday balloon banner made of environmental protection aluminum foil, safe and non-toxic.’  For more information, and photos, check out the link below.

I did receive these party balloons for free, and chose to write a review about them.


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