Sarin Mathews Womens Dresses V Neck Long Sleeve Side Slit Casual Party Long Maxi Dress with Pockets

I love to wear new clothes, and the Sarin Mathews Women’s V Neck long sleeve Maxi Dress, is another hit with me.


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It is casual, but stylish too.  The material is Cotton, and Spandex, which makes it really comfortable.  It is lightweight, but the material is thick enough, that you can’t see through it.

The V neck crosses over, which allows for some cleavage to show.  It has an elasticated waist, which you can hide if you wish, with a belt.  I have the black dress, and thinking of a gold or silver belt to dress it up.  There are side pockets, which is always handy for a Kleenex.  Both slides have slits, which is great when wearing high heels.  You get to show off those sexy legs.

It can also be dressed down wearing it as it is.  Therefore making it suitable for all occasions.  It comes in small to extra large, and the colors are black, burgundy, Navy, and dark gray.

It is washable, and I will either do a hand wash, or on a gently cycle, and hang it to dry.  It doesn’t need any ironing.  When I took the dress out of the bag, I shook it, and smoothed it, and it was ready to wear.

I would have worn this dress tonight dancing, but have been away for 10 days, and just wanted to catch up at home, and do a little writing.

I did receive this dress for free, have modeled it for you, and plan on wearing  it dancing next week.


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