MASS21 Women Sweat Sauna Weight Loss Neoprene Tights.

I wore these Sweat Sauna Weight Loss Neoprene Tights this morning to the gym.

First off I did a full hour of Zumba, and then I stepped onto the Bosu, that was upside down, and bounced on it, while lifting 5lb, and 10 lb. weights.  I didn’t notice that I was sweating, as I have been working out a couple of hours a day, for 5 years now.

However when I got home, from my waist down, I was sweating.  This never happens to me, as I am always cold.  Well, it does happen when I am boxing, but never any other exercise.  So I can certainly say that they work really well.

The material is 2 mm. Sweat Tech elastic neoprene, and this is what they say about it on the Amazon webpage:

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‘[STYLISH LOOK]: This Anti-cellulite body shaper pants is designed based on body shape with elastic waistband for comfortable wear. A right-sided POCKET is more convenient for you to carry phone, IPod or keys when going out for sports. The waistband provides full coverage of abdomen area, offering good tummy control, the comfortable and breathable fabric on the crotch wicks away sweat to keep you dry and cool. It’s suitable for all daily exercises, such as walking, running, gym, yoga, etc.
[BEST WORKOUT GEARS]: Comfortable, light-weight, stretchy fabric molds and moves with your body while performing any activity. It’s one of the best workout gears you can own since it gives the perfect compression and support to your butts, love handles, midsection, inner thighs, and outer thighs.
[BURN CALORIES]: The easy to wear leggings also compresses your midriff, giving a slim down look to your lower abdomen. Say goodbye to the bulging fat in all the areas along your midsection and legs. These tights are perfect for bringing on a good sweat and burning more calories all year-round.’

I love the design of them.  The black with the gray stitching makes them look expensive.  The pocket is nice and deep to carry items.

There is also a shirt you can buy too, that makes a complete suit.  This is available to buy on the same page as the tights.  The link is just below my review.

I did receive these for free, and completely agree with the seller, that these do make you sweat.  I will be wearing them tomorrow when I am boxing.


  1. Well you look good in them. Years ago when I was living in London I used to go to a dance class in Covent Garden and many of the dancers world these baggy grey plastic pants. They were called “elephant pants” and were worn to make the dancers legs sweat! Yours look much more elegant!

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