Norton is telling me that my home network, Spectrum, is not secure.

I am so sick and tired of Spectrum, and frustrated that I paid for 15 months of Norton protection.  I am home, and after speaking to Spectrum upon my return, was promised a credit on my account for the 8 days, I had no phone or Internet.

I was told that it should show up on my account at the beginning of this week.  I tried to get into my account, and Norton blocked it, saying my connection is not private.  I am using Spectrum, to get into my Spectrum account, and it had better be private.  I pay enough money for it.

So do I contact Spectrum again, and ask what it going on with our WIFI, it says secured on my WIFI drop down box, and if so why I can’t get into it.

One frustrated lady who is trying to catch up after being away for 10 days.


  1. ” . . . was promised a credit on my account for the 8 days, I had no phone or Internet.” Does anyone else think eight days’ credit isn’t sufficient exchange for being without phone/Internet (means of communication) for eight days?

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  2. Spectrum employs some extremely ill mannered staff. I don’t own a TV but had called for internet prices. My housemate has a TV but has no interest in cable TV. Neither of us has a landline phone. Well the Spectrum guy insulted me and was rude. Normally I would have cursed him out but I maintained my calm because I had an Art show to attend and wanted to maintain my calm. Eventually I hung up on him. I verified with 2 former reliable coworkers who also had issues with Spectrum staff. Needless to say I won’t ever use their services.

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