With the cooler weather, I don’t mind setting up, and adding links, on my new laptop.

Yes today I went to the gym.  Of course, I never miss when I am at home.  Since coming back I had a protein shake, and then pulled up the 59 page User Manual.

This new laptop only has a single Touchpad, so I was wondering how I could copy, and paste.  I found out that the bottom part of the single Touchpad is exactly the same as other laptop.  I click on the left side to copy, and right to paste.

I have read where to find many features, and it showed me that I can use touch gestures, but not sure if it only works on the Touchpad, or on the screen too.  There was nowhere in the manual to tell me if mine has that feature.  I doubt it, as this laptop wasn’t a high priced one.

It comes with a 30 day McAfee antivirus, so will take it on my next trip to our timeshare, and see if I can get WIFI to work.  If it does, I may loose the 10 months of Norton, I bought 15 months, and buy McAfee.  Techies out there, would my banking information be safe with this brand.



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