Church, cold weather, and lunch.

Today the weather forecast was for 80 and 90% rain chance this morning, and some improvement this afternoon.  I am pleased to say that when we arrived at church it was only drizzling, so didn’t get too wet.

After the service it was lightly raining, so I ran to the car, and drove us to Cody’s Roadhouse Grill for their Sunday lunch special.  I had all you can eat salad, Len the potato, and cheese soup.  This comes with all you can eat yeast rolls, so by the time I had 2 plates of salad, and a roll, I was full.  My 12 ounce chopped steak, onions, brown gravy, and sweet potato came back with me.  Len ate all of this chicken potpie. The dessert that was included, was cheesecake, so 2 pieces with raspberry drizzle were boxed to go.

The rain had stopped by the time I drove us back, so got on the beach for an hour.  I had a sweater, hoodie, jeans, raincoat with hood, and sneakers.  I managed to do 6,500 steps before it started raining.  I am hoping to get back down on the beach again, before it gets dark.

Another day in paradise, and the weather never puts me off,


doing anything.


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