Working morning, but another good one.

We are having a new roof put on our timeshare right now, and as Len and I are both board members, we went on the roof this morning to check the progress.  I am pleased to say they are way ahead of schedule, and doing a great job.  I took photos to show the rest of the board members.


We had a 2 hour meeting that was really positive, and all is well in Treasure Island.

The weather is still cold for us Floridians, a high of 58 degrees today, with the wind 16 mph, and gusts much higher.  The sand is lifting, and blowing straight at you.  In the hour and a half I was on the beach this afternoon, only 6 of us were walking.  I did almost 9,000 steps, so am happy with them.

I had a jumper, flannel shirt, jacket, and my thin windbreaker, with a hood.  Also leather gloves, and jeans.  I had to keep stopping to blow my nose, and wipe the tears from my eyes.

We are planning on eating out with friends a little later, so another great day, no matter the weather.


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