Colix Orthopedic Memory Foam Non-Slip cushion for Hip, Back, Sciatica, Tailbone Pain, Pressure Relief

I am not sure whether my husband or I will be getting this premium memory foam cushion from Colix. We have others, but not as firm as this one.

My husband gets uncomfortable sitting for a long period of time, and has to sit on a cushion at church.  I have sciatica, and can have miserable pain in my bottom, that goes right down my leg.


The cushion is really well made, and has a soft velvet type of touch to it, and then the bottom is an anti-slip material.  The zipper is at the back, so that you can take the cover off to be washed.

I have already tried it on my office chair, and also my recliner, that is older and doesn’t have the support it used to.  However, it can be used anywhere.  It is wider than my other ones, so no matter what size you are, you should be happy with it.

Some relevant information from the webpage on it:

‘OFFICE CHAIR CUSHION – relieve pain & pressure. Ergonomically designed helps reduce pressure on your tailbone and hips, providing you with enhanced comfort while seated. The coccyx seat cushion with U-shaped cut out is also great for relieve pain from long hours of sitting, sciatica, poor alignment, herniated disc, soft tailbone, legs, arms, shoulders, elbow and humerus.

CAR SEAT CUSHION – premium memory foam High quality memory foam seat cushion provides professional structural support. So the office chair cushion maintain its shape after use, promoting healthy weight distribution and posture by helping relieve lower back pain and numbness.

COCCYX CUSHION – anti-slip bottom Non-slip backing keeps the seat cushion in place. It can be perfectly used as car seat cushion, office chair cushion, wheelchair cushions, desk chair cushion, kitchen chair cushion, lift cushion, airplane cushion, truck cushion, stadium seat cushions. They are awesome for office use, pregnancy, truck drivers, sporting events and travelers.

SEAT CUSHION – removable & washable zippered cover Cover of the car seat cushion is removable and machine washable that easily detached for cleaning. Never worry about dirtiness on chair coccyx cushion while standing up to tough everyday use.

MEMORY FOAM SEAT CUSHION – warranty guaranteed Money back and lifetime warranty guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with our office chair cushion. Moreover, we specially customize a beautiful package for the office seat coccyx cushion that this is the best gift for yourselves, family and friends.’

As we are 85, and 70, this memory foam cushion will be so useful for both of us.  I can see that it will go many places with us.

I did receive mine at a discounted price.  The seller is offering a 20% discount using this code: PKVZZZA3, and it will available up to  03-31-2019 23:59 PST.



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