SHINYKDY Placemats for Dinner Table Set of 8, Woven Vinyl, Washable, Rectangular Kitchen Decorative Place Mats 18 X 12 Inches. Bamboo Brown

I hate plastic placements, and cloth ones, but really like ones that can be wiped off, and look as good as new.  The ones I had been using this past 20 years were wood ones, so I was happy to get the SHINYKDY placemats that nicely cover the table, big enough for plates to be set on, and look good.


They are:

‘1. FDA- certified environmental friendly PVC material.
2.Woven Vinyl Placemats, decorate your dinner and protect your table from scratches.
3. Abrasion resistance, non fading, free bending, no deformation, no odor, easy to clean, not machine washable, and can be rolled up for collection.

There are 8 in the set, and sit nicely on the table.  They don’t curl up, even after that are rolled for storage purposes.  If anything get spilt on them, wipe immediate, and that way you won’t need to keep hand washing them.

I am delighted with the quality of these mats, and have to say that my wooden ones, are now in the waste bin.

I did receive mine for free, and have used them at mealtimes, so know how nice they are.



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