My ongoing frustration with pharmacies, and doctor’s offices.

Last month we were down at Treasure Island when my husband’s control substance medication was due, Klonopin.  I was able to go there, and get it transferred over, so he didn’t run out.

It is due on Wednesday, so I went on my mobile app, as the doctor’s office insist that we go through the pharmacy, and not them.  I ordered it, and when the confirmation came through, it was pick up at Treasure Island, and we are home.  I phoned the pharmacy in Treasure Island, and they confirmed that they had received it.  I asked if they could send it to my local one.  They said that the local one had to contact them.

I phoned my local Walgreen’s and spent forever trying to explain what had happened.  The lady said that she hadn’t got the request, and I said No, it went to Treasure Island.  She had me on hold forever, and then came back and said that it wasn’t in the system.  I said it could be because Treasure Island would have cancelled it.  I asked her to contact the doctor’s office, as they don’t like us doing it directly, she refused, and said that I had to do it.

I then phoned our doctor’s office, and the line was busy.  I finally got hold of them, and explained the situation, apologized for contacting them directly, and she made a note of my phone call.  She told me that it will be up to the doctor if it gets refilled.

I know that Florida has an epidemic of kids/teenagers, and general overuse of controlled substances, but this really affects us, as my husband is 85 and needs his medication.

I am waiting on the same doctor’s office on my request to pick up a script for the same medication for me.  I take half a day, at night.  It is due on Christmas day, when we will be at Treasure Island again, and as they won’t give any refills on it, I have to hand the script into the Walgreen’s down there, and pick it up on the 26th.  They are not open on Christmas day.  That will be fun trying to get it a day late, and a half a pill short.



  1. Argh this sort of stuff drives me insane, it’s so illogical and it’s as though there’s no consideration for the patients at all. I’m sorry you’re having such hassles. I’ve had issues such as these with pharmacies and requests and having to go through a different provider for my stoma stuff and someone else for meds… all too often things get lost in the system, don’t turn up, get done incorrectly, etc etc. Very frustrating. I would have hoped something could be done for the Christmas situation too, given it’s not a regular time of the year to say the least.xx

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  2. Susie, have Walgreens call Treasure Island for the transfer. Treasure Island by law can’t delete a prescription.

    I’ve had plenty of transfers due to ridiculous pricings because I take control meds for chronic pain and the anxiety that comes from it.

    The doctors, pharmacists and insurance companies are in for big lawsuits if they don’t get their shit together.

    We need our meds period.


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  3. Called into the pharmacy today, and they have the script. The law with no allow them to fax it to another branch. I have to get back to the doctor’s office and ask either to pick up a script, like I asked last Friday, or have one sent to Treasure Island. I have been phoning the doctor’s office for the past hour, and it has been busy all that time. They close in 15 minutes so have to wait until tomorrow now.


  4. Wow, i get my doctor to write my script for a 3 month supply on my regular maintenace meds and only pay for one month for them. Still make like two trips a month to the pharmacy for my other meds though.

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  5. That isn’t good. I am looking into getting my meds by mail again as I have done in the past. Just have to call and see ow new plan I am with works on certain drugs and prices.

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