Feola’s Italian Ristorante today.

We were given a gift card for Feola’s Italian Ristorante, and as we have been there a couple of times in the past year, decided to go this lunchtime.

My husband always sticks to lasagna, as he has tried other dishes in the past, and been unhappy with them.  I decided on the grouper in the alfredo sauce.


Our server brought out rolls, and salad to start with.  The rolls were warm, crunchy on the outside, and soft inside.  The salad was fresh.

Our meals arrived and as you can see, mine was twice the size of my husband’s meal.  Both were delicious, and I was full after eating about one third of mine.  I ended up bringing the rest home for tomorrow.

The lasagna was $16, and my grouper $20.

The restaurant was clean, the server very polite, the food was hot, so overall a nice meal.  The only problem we had was, that the double doors that opened to the terrace were open, and the place was really cold.  It would have been fine for snowbirds, but us Floridians (been here 30 years) we feel the cold.

It is situated in the Thunderbird Beach Resort, on Treasure Island beach.  Telephone 727-347-8415.


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