My weight usually stays the same, while eating treats throughout the Christmas holidays.

When I am at home I workout at the gym every day.  So my week at the beach is different.  I cook a traditional English Christmas dinner, I have Christmas pudding with custard, and lots of treats.

When I get on the weighing scales once home, my weight is within a pound of normal for me.

The reason being is that I walk the beach at least 3 times a day, and go to the gym for upper body twice during the week.

So far today I have power walked one way on the beach, and then normal paced walking back.  I do this in an allotted area, and it feels great.  I came up to the timeshare, and finished the turkey, and vegetables.  In awhile I will be going to the gym to do boxing, weight machines, and free weights.  Then I will walk the beach later this afternoon, and again at sunset.

I have already walked over 8,000 steps, and planning on doing it twice more, so another good workout.

Hence, the chocolate cookies, and Christmas pud.  I haven’t eaten any of my toffee, or candies, just a few walnuts, and grapes.

So no New Year’s resolution for me, as


  1. That is awesome! I probably gained about 5 pounds during the holiday festivities, but I know once I’m back on track those little 5 pounds will be gone. I love walking on the beach while on vacation, so relaxing.

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  2. Dedication. Except for walking I don’t exercise. However I have always been thin. In fact when I was in school I was picked at and thrown down a flight of stairs because I was the wimpy skinny girl. Fortunately four years in the United States Army toughened me up but I only began to gain weight in my 40s. My goal is to keep weight on! Since I must limit my salt intake, am lactose intolerant and normally don’t eat fast food it’s a Challenge. However Holidays are an excuse to eat some junk food except dairy which makes me physically ill.

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