Christmas food with drinks, and actually loose weight

Yes, it really happened to both my husband, and myself.  We were at our timeshare, The Voyager on the beach, for a week, and arrived home yesterday.

I had an alcoholic drink each day, my Christmas dinner, and 3 lots of Christmas pudding with custard.  I also had 2 pieces of cheesecake, which we brought home from a 3 course meal.  I ate a quarter of a packet of European biscuits, and walnuts. All the other Christmas treats weren’t opened.

My husband had a no sugar added cheesecake, and a box of Whitman’s sugar free chocolates, that he ate half off.  His other treat was an Edam cheese.

We weighed ourselves this morning, and both had lost 1 lb.  Mine was due to all the exercise I do, with the walking, and 3 times at the gym.  With my husband I am not sure, as he can do little walking.  However, he walked the property, and got down to the boardwalk, but didn’t manage the beach.

Christmas food, and drink, can be part of your diet, and in moderation, not affect your weight.  How did you do over the holidays?



  1. Susie, in my fitness handbook I speak on this. When we fuel the fire basically the same as adding food to our bodies and our metabolism starts to increase thus helps you lose weight. When people eat less and workout it can increase one’s weight. Without working out, you can still lose but there’s also a method to this madness. It’s all in my handbook. Spread the word to your friends. 😁✌

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