Help out someone who’s New Year’s Resolution is to get fit. I challenge you.

We have been at the gym every day, since coming back from our Christmas vacation at the beach, and I see how many people are checking it out.

A member of the staff shows them around, and they sign up.  They look around, and really don’t do much.  I am not talking about the younger generation but those over 50.  They do get one free session with a trainer, but most often don’t take it up for fear of being cornered into signing up for training sessions.

If I see them looking lost, I ask if I can help with anything.  I will show them how to stretch, use light hand weights, and how to use the machines.  This is how many of my ladies, that I have taught basic boxing training, started out.

I ask all of you gym rats to do the same.  Give someone new to the gym a few minutes of your time, not only to welcome them, but to help them start their new life of getting fit.

Who will join me in this campaign?  Let me know if you are willing to do so, and send me any links to your posts.  I will gladly reblog them for you.


  1. Thats a great thing Susie.many people in the gym don’t ask others for the reasons best known to them. Maybe ego or hesitation or how the pros might react.
    So I have helped some in boxing but I am new to the gym world and learning myself. But will help as much as I can.😊

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  2. That’s a great idea. The first person I’ll help is myself. I’m in the over 65/free membership category, too. I enjoy gyms; my problem is procrastination about getting in the car and driving down there. I’ve been making resolutions since I finished chemo–two and a half years ago. I did join a gym several years ago and was going great guns until about three weeks in when I hyperextended a knee and spent the next three months limping. Care must be taken.

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