Do the free gift cards/coupons with gift card purchases really work?

I spent around $400 on restaurant gift card prior to Christmas, as all the chains were offering free gift cards/coupons to use January, February of 2019.

The Ruby Tuesday’s one is great, as you can use the $15 one with other offers.  This means that I can get my birthday free meal, and Len’s full rack of ribs is only $4.99, instead of $19.99.  Love that one.

We went to Chili’s, and had 2 separate $10 ones.  I knew that I could only use one, and asked if we could use it with the 2 for $22 dinner special.  Our server went away, and came back, and said that we could use it.  When the check arrived my meal was $14.99, Len’s $12.99, and the appetizer $5.99.  With the $10 off,  it cost us a dollar or 2 more.  Not buying that one next year.

Cody’s Roadhouse grill allow you to use the $25 off on the Sunday specials, which is fantastic.

I stopped buying Olive Garden, as their $10 can only be for dinner menu, which is so much higher than the lunch one.  Again it costs more than we usually pay.

Steak ‘n’ Shake will only allow their $5 one with regular priced items, and they have great coupons in the mail each week, so I don’t buy that one.

Hope that this helps.  Also each restaurants have different dates for them to be used, so please use them before they expire.


  1. My children each got us restaurant cards. But not to any one restaurant. They were all for any Hal Smith owned restaurant. Charlestons, and all of the ones at Lake Hefner, where I run. No expiration date or restrictions.

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