Taking down the outside Christmas lights.

I always leave it to the weekend after New Year to take down the decorations.  In years past our H.O.A. always put out a December newsletter letting us know when the lawncare guys would be taking their Christmas break.  This year we didn’t get one.

So I waiting until they cut the grass the 2nd week of December, and put up a few lights around our big tree in the front, and on the bushes.  One set were a brand new 200 twinkling lights that were so pretty.

Yesterday I cam home, and the grass had already been cut.  I thought it’s not the 2nd week of the month, so went out to the garden, and they had either cut the wires with the mower, or the weedwhacker.

I am so thankful that I have great sellers that allow me to buy discounted, and free products.  My husband has mended them for me, so hoping that they will work, come December of this year.

It was the F.A. Cup in England this weekend, and none of the football games are on television, so not a good weekend for us.  There are 22 games being played today.  I am happy that my husband’s team, Arsenal are winning 2 – 0 in the 68 minute.


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