Finally back on Elite Deal Club.

I only buy one or two items a week, but really miss it when I can’t get on.

I recently read a blog post about the benefits of castor oil, and for the life of me can’t remember who’s blog it was.  Maybe if you read this, you will let me know.  I did make some notes, as I thought next time it was on offer, I would get a bottle.

So today the retail price was $10, and I ordered it for $1.  Yes, that is right.  When I get it I will try several of these uses for it.

I don’t need it as a purgative, fungal infections, or to give birth at my age, but will try it for arthritis, hair loss, migraines, to improve my skin, for relief of sunburn, a better night’s sleep, and a booster to the immune system.

Once I receive it. I will try it for a couple of weeks, or more, and then tell you if I believe it works.

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